Certified Supervisor Trainer

Thinking about providing your own supervisor training? Our Certified Supervisor Trainer course provides you with everything you need to host an amazing supervisor training. We supply everything including:

  • Materials for your participants

  • Instructor manual

  • Advertising on our directory

The Certified Supervisor Trainer credential will tell your potential participants that you hold the highest standards in supervisor training. Best of all? It is completely online.

(6 CEUs in Supervision)

This course is non-refundable and must be completed within 90 days of the date of purchase.

Course Description

Module 1: Edupreneur Best Practices

This strange word is rooted in two skills you must have to be a successful supervisor trainer: Educator and Entrepreneur. Modules 1 and 1a will take you through the essential elements you’ll need to tackle both roles.

Approximate completion time: 1 Hour

Module 2: Create Compliant Content

Do you know the laws regarding the license you will teach your participants to supervise? Many license regulations require you to include particular content in your training to become a mental health supervisor. We use the Texas Licensed Professional Counselor rules to show you exactly what compliant content must look like. This exam requires you to provide written content so allow extra time for instructor feedback.

Approximate completion time: 3-7 days

Module 3: Teaching 101

When was the last time you were in front of a classroom? This module is where things get real. You will need to recruit two or three volunteers who will serve as your class while you deliver and video a mock 20 – 30 minute lesson.

Approximate completion time: 3-7 days or more.

Note: If you are a current or retired counselor educator, you can skip this module.

 Module 4: PIC-YOU: Create content that protects Participants, Interns, Clients, and YOU

Training your participants to provide clinical supervision just isn’t enough. This module takes you through content we believe is vital in order to make sure you have done all you can to protect your Participants, their future Interns, the Clients who will be seen by those interns, and of course YOU and your license.

Approximate completion time: 30 minutes

Module 5: Get Ready for the Big Day

Have you ever hosted an event? Welcome to your party! It’s time to decide where you will host your training, what materials and equipment you will need, when you will have it, who you will invite, and how to manage it all once they arrive. Not only that, but every great party starts with an invitation so that means you must advertise, write engaging content, and develop a reliable system to manage participant information and handle purchases. Good news? Once you become a certified supervisor trainer we’ll do most of this for you!

Approximate completion time: 30 minutes                                                                            

Module 6: The Toolkit

This final module walks you through the tools we use to make this course manageable. Once you complete this portion you will have access to even MORE course materials including a syllabus template. 

Approximate completion time: 30 minutes

Once you complete the course you will receive:

  • Syllabus template

  • Instructor manual folder divided into a two day course with outside assignments

    • Five PowerPoint presentations you can use or modify

    • 2018 Supervisor Toolkit containing paperwork and sample contracts

    • Role play directions and experiential activity instructions

    • Ethical dilemmas for LPC and MFT

    • Four additional PowerPoint presentations we use for outside assignments but you can use however you wish. Exams for these presentations are not included.

  • Participant materials folder containing pdf handouts of the instructor PowerPoints. 

  • Advertising on our directory

  • Our systems to manage participants and paperwork

The course was very informative. I benefited by the clarity regarding the requirements and the implementation of the trainings. Wonderful experience...thank you so much for your dedication to the profession!!
— Antonio Rosales, LPC-S
Very informative regarding the requirements needed to be able to embark in this endeavor!
— Cecilia Burgos, LPC-S
One thing I loved about the course was the knowledge and experience of both presenters. This was really a very good course and information that validates doing supervision correctly and ethically and training others to do the same!
— Carolina Gonzalez, LPC-S